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Benchmark Employees Integrated in the Schools We Serve

There has always been a huge misconception that a private contractor will not provide your schools with employees who are as involved as in house staff would be. That contract employees are not as safe as in house employees and you do not get the same level of care or service. This is entirely untrue. At Benchmark Cleaning & Supply we do state and national background checks on all of our employees before hiring them and, conduct work reference checks and face-to-face interviews before even considering them for employment. Once they are a part of Benchmark, we strive to create a workforce that is integrated with the schools we serve. We work closely with our clients to create a better environment for staff, students, and guests. This Q&A done by three Gorham Middle School students as a project, with our day custodian Sharleen, shows that contract cleaners are just as a part of schools, as in house staff.